BC3 - Book Club for Clients and Coaches

Collective Learning is Powerful


BC3 invites you to join lively conversations about books that will enhance your professional knowledge and your personal development.


Whether you are a coach, a manager or client the club will inspire and refresh you at the end of a working day. We will send you home buzzing with ideas about current books that you will want to share with others! You will meet new

and interesting people who you will come to value as they engage your ideas and you benefit from theirs.


Value in Expressing Your Ideas and Feelings


Working lives are pressured and BC3 is a haven where you can enjoy expressing your feelings, sharing your reactions and benefiting from lively chat and great humour! It is a fun and informative way to enhance your management and coaching skills.



BC3 Invites Everyone to Come!


What are the rules? Well there aren't any! Everyone is welcome and you don't have to have read all the books we review to still enjoy the meeting and have your thoughts valued. We meet six times a year in central London in the early evening and you can come to one or more it is entirely up to you. You can also participate by joining discussions on BC3 Linked in which gives you a further opportunity to read our inspiring selection of books.