Management Training

Essential Skills - nothing soft about them!


How you treat people has a profound effect on how people feel at work. It is no longer enough for managers to have great technical skills to get the job done or have a high level of expertise in their field. It is undeniable that skills focussing on the human dynamics at work are essential in achieving goals. We build on the value of emotional intelligence by combining it with discoveries made in neuroscience to better understand the significance of what influences employees motivation and performance levels. The area of management development we offer builds on our belief that the environment that senior people create at work can greatly influence productivity.


Tailored Learning


Bespoke management training provides tailored team learning which is aligned to organisational needs. It delivers improvements in performance and encourages a high performance team dynamic. These experiential workshops enable individuals to maximise their effectiveness in their interpersonal communication and relationships.


Practical and Meaningful


We ensure your learning results in sustainable change by linking the pratical with the meaningful. For example, in one popular series of workshops we encourage managers to explore the vital difference between change and transition. Why do managers need to know the differences between the two? By way of explanation, change is external and transition is the psychological process people go through to come to terms with the new situation. That knowledge is critical in allowing them to see that there is a subltle yet powerful distinction of skills used to manage and communicate with their staff.



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