“The insight gained through supervision gives coaches clarity about the dymanic between them and their client and increases their effectiveness as a coach” - Jan Campbell Young, Coach Supervisor
Coaching Supervision

Why Have Supervision?


Coaching can be intense, personal and deep and clients can come out with amazing statements and ideas. Being human, this can shock and surprise us as coaches. Where do we go with these dilemmas and responses? To supervision which provides a space to reflect, recharge and review using a structured process. In supervision you work with a coach supervisor who understands the dynamics at play and can add further insight to your own perceptions. It is also good professional practice to review your work and coaching tenders often insist on evidence of supervision to ensure quality control and high standards.


How Does it Work?


You prepare issues from your coaching practice e.g. clients who are puzzling you, feelings you experience during or after the session, techniques that worked well or didn’t or system issues. Supervisors listen and question to promote deeper reflection and a different perspective on your practice. The frequency of supervision depends on the amount and complexity of your coaching: as a guide 1 hour for 12 hours coaching. One hour is usually sufficient as intense reflection can be tiring. Phone supervision can be more flexible and face to face can go deeper.


Group Versus Individual


The choice is yours and this will depend on your learning style and personality preference. Working in a group of coaches with a supervisor can be richer with wider perspectives and more energy and the reassurances of like minded professionals. One to one is focused and the time is all yours.


How to Choose a Supervisor


As in choosing a coach this is down to personal chemistry and style. As a guide you need to think about:


• Length of experience and sector they coach in

• Their approach, style and models of supervision

• Will you look forward to working with them?

• They have supervision themselves


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