Coach Training

Where do coaches go for inspiration, development and sense of community?


Here in the Coach’s Corner!


The Coach’s Corner came about to provide a sense of community for coaches and to share the latest developments in the coaching world. The team here at Steele Consulting know firsthand how important it is both for you and your clients to continually deepen your practice by broadening your skills. We are a group of coaches that recognise how important this is and so we are constantly working at providing other coaches with an integrated offer for new learning.


We offer the best aspects of keeping your practice vibrant and up to date. You may want individual supervision or group experience of a learning set. Or try our own unique creative renewal workshops or enhance your understanding of your practice through discussing a book with other coaches.


Look at our range of experiences we have designed to recharge you and your practice!

Creativity in Coaching
Learning Sets
Visual Language for Coaches
BC3 Book Club