Creativity Workshops

Your Team's Creative Potential


In a fast moving business environment new ideas add critical value and can make the difference between leading or following the competition. In the current climate you need to know how to create the ideal environment for your people to see fresh perspectives, generate new ways to innovate and solve problems. Technology and data increase our ability to be analytical and efficient, but it is often intuition, creativity and vision that enable us to be original, imagine future trends and even create the future.



Addressing Your Creative Needs


Banks and Consultancy

These stimulating workshops enable teams to redefine the nature and quality of their style of communication. Participants will gain deeper awareness of how strong relationships between team members (and customers) are at the heart of what defines good service, building on trust, empathy and identity. The sessions also focus on mental and creative skills that are critical for clear thinking in pressured environments. Through creative exercises you will increase your understanding of how to simplify complex business issues - processes or relationships - and find new ways to address them.


Media and Entertainment

Exhilarating and forward-focussed workshops will provide teams with new ways of visualising the future of entertainment. The experiential nature of the workshops capitalise on the collective power of the group to co-create new landscapes of original thought and imagination. This is an ideal opportunity for creative teams to find refreshment as they tackle the challenges of new programming, future audiences and anticipate shifts in taste and culture.


Engineering and Industry

Our workshops enable engineers and teams, who rely predominantly on their technical skills, to explore different sides of their intellect and allow them to further capitalise on the brain's untapped potential. Although technical skills are essential and can be more readily measured, we work with you to incorporate the role intuition, spontaneity and even emotion play in the way the brain functions to create solutions. Creative exercises will help engineers to understand more about how they think and challenge their imaginations about the optimum conditions that promote being inventive.


Civil Service / NHS

Inspiring workshops will refresh team perceptions about how they manage times of fast change and high uncertainty. These sessions will provide a creative and supportive environment for exploring how to navigate transitions as well as to reduce the barriers that can prevent us from communicating effectively. The creative nature of the experience will increase self-awareness as well as provide a context for expressing passions and beliefs about work and aspirations for the future.



How We Draw Out Your Creative Potential


Steele Consulting has extensive experience of combining powerful coaching approaches with inspirational tools. Artists put us in touch with our inner creative feelings and aid us in redefining how we see our mental and creative skills. In addition, actors can develop different sides of our creative expression and help us to see alternative ways through which we can communicate the ideas that drive business success. No drawing or painting skills are needed to fully benefit.



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