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"The enthusiasm of the Steele Consulting team was engaging and they managed to pull everyone in, even the doubters, and get them to freely contribute with clarity and emotion. It’s clear that at the heart they want to make a tangible difference to the people and the organisations."

- Lead Clinician, Strategic Health Authority


"The 'art module' in the coaching skills workshop gave us time to think and reflect. It useful to stop banging ones head against a wall, take stock and approach an issue from a completely different direction."

- Programme Director, Automotive


"This coaching skills course was excellent, my whole management style will change as a result of attending it. Using real issues helps not only in applying (skills) to real life and helping us move forward in real time, but also brings the group closer together and more relaxed with each other. The facilitators were brilliant and really engaged with the group. Their enthusiasm never waned and was infectious."

- Senior Manager , Entertainment


"I want to really thank you again for your insight, patience and perseverance! I have also had some time to reflect on the process and the insights we have gained during this exercise. I was particularly pleased with the team you had helping you I thought they brought something extra to the process. I remain firmly of the belief that in a high performance organisation this kind of debate, skill set and matching behaviours are critical to success."

- Managing Director


"Lorraine's coaching has been a huge benefit to me. From the daunting array of problems that beset all busy professionals every hour of every day, it has provided me with the skill set with which to prioritise what is more important and to be more effective and productive as a result. It has enabled me to think more clearly about the personal interactions that underpin every working transaction."

- Communications Director, Automotive


"I think one of the best things that coaching did for me was to make me believe in myself by getting me to look at some of the issues I brought to the table and help me solve them by my own means which has given me the confidence to be more direct with tackling sensitive issues."

- Operations Director, Hospitality