Learning Sets

The Special Nature and Purpose of Learning Sets


Our learning sets create a safe and intimate space for a small group of colleagues to come together with a facilitator and discuss individual difficulties within their practice. They offer a confidential experience where coaches can learn from each other, be listened to and explore how to resolve issues that lead to actions. These discussions provide coaches with invaluable feedback from their colleagues and peers and can shed light on client work and current challenges that arise in one to one coaching.


Real Benefits and Breakthroughs


Learning sets are facilitated to include many of the benefits of being coached, such as knowing that you will be fully understood and gain new insights that come from contrasting perspectives. The supportive nature of our behaviours can often lead to inspirational breakthroughs and develop more courageous decisions when being authentic with clients.


Models Tailored to Your Needs


We can provide a learning model that best suits your needs. Whether you prefer a sense of community and shared spirit through group meetings or the convenience of phone or Skype discussions. Even if you already have a group or are in the process of forming one, Steele consulting can provide a highly experienced facilitator to energise and engage your group dynamic. A typical discussion can last between forty five and ninety minutes with six or seven people, however this can vary according to the number of people in the group and the issues discussed. The facilitators role is to ensure ground rules are adhered to such as keeping to time and ensuring that each person aires their issue.



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