Brand Behaviours

Brand Behaviours


Steele Consulting believes that strong and meaningful relationships empower people to live their values and love their brand. Through workshops we combine the skill of coaching with creative exercises to produce behaviours that radiate the brand spirit of your company.


Coaching, Creativity and your Brand: Innovative Collaboration


We provide creative brand workshops to empower teams to truly live their brand values at work. Peter Moolan-Feroze, our creativity and brand specialist, uses drawing and painting to uncover deeper perceptions about core values of businesses.   We design unique experiences for you that combine his knowledge of creativity and brands with the coach's expertise in communication. In the modern world there are fewer boundaries between disciplines and through our cross fertilisation of skills we can ensure new knowledge is at your fingertips.


Combining these different disciplines creates an original and powerful new perspective on brand development. Brand values are all about words and the impact they have on the teams who are charged with living those values through their behaviours. This approach will give business leaders the ability to understand how their teams connect with the words in a way that unleashes hidden potential. Drawing and painting are ideal tools for exploring the roots of your brand, its behaviour and visualising what it aspires to in the future. No artistic skills of any kind are needed to fully benefit.


Brands, Values and Behaviours at Work


Coaching is about how we work and communicate with colleagues and guides managers and teams towards rewarding behaviours. These workshops will help managers to realise that deep learning is about a relationship between the individual and their environment. Through pictures that managers make themselves they can explore how their workplace can do more to release the diverse creative and mental abilities of teams.



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