Leadership Programmes

Leadership in a Pressured Environment


Steele Consulting brings together coaches and creative facilitators with world-wide experience of developing leadership behaviours that result in healthy and successful businesses. At the heart of our programmes is a belief that relationships and personal awareness are increasingly important in a pressured environment.  We provide creative and experiential approaches that strengthen qualities such as purpose, integrity and self belief.


The Focus is on You


We create the optimum space for you to reflect on  your personal  leadership style. These experiences will ensure you feel more in control of the essential relationships around you, developing heightened emotional intelligence and encouraging a high performance culture. This includes reflecting on how you make decisions and looking at the different ways in which you communicate and listen in order to expand your capacity to lead. Creating priorities, dealing with conflict and forming strategies all stem from self awareness and an appreciation that you need to constantly challenge yourself before questioning your colleagues.


Leadership Performance Through Example


The tone you set influences behaviours throughout your teams and has a direct impact on the culture of your organisation. Relationships between you and your senior managers can determine whether productivity and creativitiy is inhibited or thrives. They can promote a culture in which individuals take the initiative to introduce new ideas rather than contemplate on  whether they need to seek permission.



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